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  1. How to Hack My Girlfriend's Phone to See Text Messages
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  3. Spy On Your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone Without Touching It
  4. Part 1. The Best Apps to Spy on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone

For installing the app you require physical access to that Android phone. No technology has been invented till date using which you can access or track any Android phone remotely. Hence, if any app claims so it is not trustworthy at all and should ring alarm bells! On both iOS and Android, using Spyic, you can get real-time insights into the cell phone apps, messages, and location.

Further, you also get access to geofencing. While there are many apps that allow you to access iOS by installing an app on the target, such apps can compromise the whole operation. Spyic removes all your worries away. Spyic provides both iOS and Android apps for use. However, only the iOS solution allows remote working without having to access the iPhone at all.

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The application can be used to spy on and check the activities of any target person including growing kids and employees. Amazingly, with the help of the Spyic app, you can check any iOS target device completely without touching the target device. Spyic is a popular brand for monitoring target cell phones without any access to these phones. We highly recommend that you check out the Spyic live demo here to know just how the app works.

Let us get to know the various features of the Spyic app in more detail. You can see the following data on the target phone by using the Spyic ios solution:. Spyic provides both Android and iOS apps. It is important to remember that you do not need to install anything on the target device to use the app. You also do not need to jailbreak the target device at all to use Spyic. You only need access to the iCloud login ID and password to be able to use the device.

You will have to follow the following steps to monitor an iPhone without having to access the phone you are spying on.

How to Hack My Girlfriend's Phone to See Text Messages

Step 1: Create a Spyic account. This can be easily done on the official Spyic website in a few seconds.

Step 2: Now, you can simply select the device type and enter its iCloud credentials. No need to access the target device physically or install anything.


It will take some time for the app to sync. Step 3: Log in to your account on your Control Panel. You will now see your dashboard. You can start now to spy on the iPhone without accessing the phone. You will find all details like text details, call details, media, installed apps, and chat details on the dashboard of your control panel. We recommend that you check out the Spyic live demo here. What if the target device is an Android phone? You will most definitely need to install an app.

Spyic is one of the most trustworthy and lightweight apps. Other than couples, concerned parents can also take advantage of this app. As parents can block the certain keywords and website to keep their kids safe from the unseen threat of the internet. With the help of location tracking, they can make sure that their kids are safe. This app also offers an advanced feature that is known as geofencing.

Spy On Your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone Without Touching It

You can download the app directly from their website and after installing it into your target device you can start spying on them. This app is quite popular among parents and just like its name suggests, GuestSpy is a mobile tracking app that also offers the feature of a mobile monitoring device. You can use this app to keep track of your girlfriend and make sure that she is safe and away from all the harm. Just as I mentioned above GuestSpy is more than just a mobile phone tracker. As the app offers several other advanced features that you can use to spy on your girlfriend.

There are several other apps available in the market but not all of them does what they suppose to do. But with the help of above mentioned app you can certainly be able to spy on your girlfriend without touching her phone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Categories Catch Cheating Spouse. Method 3: Using GuestSpy to spy on your Girlfriend. User Review 4. Comments Rating 4.

Related posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It works without jailbreak or root — and offers more features than other spy apps to boot! As a final safety fallback, you can even uninstall Spyic remotely in a single click from the dashboard. The Android version of Spyic is a very small app at less than 2MBs.

Part 1. The Best Apps to Spy on Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Phone

It works in the background without draining the battery or slowing down the phone in any way. The app icon remains hidden, making it essentially invisible. The iOS version of Spyic can be set up fully remotely. Because it works with the iCloud backup instead of the iPhone or iPad itself, Spyic is impossible to detect!

The app is popular with parents, employers, and people like you who are in troubled relationships. Spyic receives rave reviews from its users.

Easy Trick to Trace your Girlfriend Phone without Touching her Girlfriend Phone .

As we mentioned earlier, Spyic works without root or jailbreak. Rooting and jailbreaking are complicated processes. Once you have Spyic set up, you can control the app remotely. The app was made to be easy to use.

You are provided with clear, simple-to-follow setup instructions. The user interface is also intuitive and simple to operate. See Spyic in action before you purchase it with the free Live Demo! Check timestamps: Every message has a timestamp. View contact information: Who has your girlfriend been in touch with lately? See pictures and videos: If your girlfriend is cheating on you, she might be sending out private pictures of herself to someone.

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